I have ordered hundreds of orders worth thousand of dollars and have no complaints. Not one order was wrong or late. Great product selection, if it is out, set a reminder and order when it comes in. I have found primers and shotgun shells I couldn’t find anywhere else.  Keep up the good work.

Mark Jance

My orders are always right and on time

My orders are always right and on time. I just returned a knife and got it back with in a week. The new price was lower so they gave me a refund. You can’t do better than that!


I have had multiple orders from this

I have had multiple orders from this vendor because I always get my order delivered correct and fast. Doesn’t matter if it was more than 1000 rounds of ammo and targets or two boxes. My last order was at my front door in 36 hours from the time I purchased it. I will continue to use Gun stor. Thanks


They have good prices and ship out

They have good prices and ship out fast. The only problem I had was the shipping package. Ordered over $100.00 of .22 Lead pellets. Different brands about 10 cans. They are lead, so pretty heavy and packed loose in A box with just air packets, so the cans moved around in the box and got dented up. I usually like collecting and saving the cans when empty. Just A little disappointed in the care they used packing my items up.


I have ordered several times from this company, I must say that I have never had any issues with them, products have been shipped faster than other companies I have ordered from , customer service was also awesome, I did have a package stolen containing ammo and they replaced it for me. I will continue to do business with this company.


First time buyer and I am impressed

First time buyer and I am impressed. Order got lost in mail and I contacted Midway customer service to check on it and I would wait a few more days. They wrote me back immediately and said do I want a refund or a reship. No one has ever done that for me. Very polite and professional. All the bad reviews seem personal to me and possibly from the same person. I will buy from Midway again.



Long time customer, Hoping for a change

Over the years I have spent thousands with this company from optics, reloading gear and supplies, to accessories. They have consistently become less. From poorly packaged items to random order drops. Now the controlling of sales one per household limit based on where you live, on items that will not last a day to “prevent hording”-.  Also Gun store is: “first come first serve”. Perhaps they like so many have forgotten America. It is so very sad. – Zac


Very pleased

Very pleased, Shelby in customer service. I received my shipment on time. (Magazines, ammo, barrel, misc parts) the box was damaged, along with one of the boxes of ammo. Without question, Shelby offered to refund my money or ship me a new box. I had pictures of damage and she had me taken care of within minutes. Thanks again, have made several orders and no complaints about this company.

Ethan Brannan

I’ve purchased from Midway many times

I’ve purchased from Gun store many times over the years and I’ve always had a great experience. My most recent purchase was on Thursday 12/3/20; the order was shipped the same day and received today (Saturday 12/5/2020). I suspect the majority of Gun store customers have the same great buying experience, but don’t post reviews; they should. Gun store offers great prices, selection and service; I’d buy from them anytime.

Greg Alter

I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from this…

I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from this company and have never had a problem until today.
I ordered a set of 7mm lee reloading dies and when they came the decapper pin was bent. I contacted midway and they replaced it right away.


Never have any issues with Gun store 

Never have any issues with Gun stor. I know some are complaining about ammo pricing, but that’s a market / wholesale issue just as much as a retail issue.

All in, every part I order has come in as described and in a fast manner. The onetime I had an order issue it was remedied extremely quickly. Great store.


Bad Ratings werent indicative of my expereince

When reading reviews am conscious bad ones and good ones always exist, but how do you really gauge them and are they a general reflection of company? However ordered even though recent bad comments as prices were good. Well couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised. They shipped the items the same day of the order and arrived ahead of time.

Doug in Maryland

Im love Gun stor for Ammo and magazines

Im love Gun store for Ammo and magazines. Ive been ordering from them for about 6 months now. Always fast shipping and when u do order ammo if its online and they charge your card your getting your ammo. Glad i didnt read the reviews first cause i wouldnt have ordered but they have been really good to me. I would recommend


Gun store makes it right, great company.

Ups and usps lost my order from gun store, didn’t receive it on date I should’ I called gun store and they immediately sent out a new order (same stuff I ordered the first time) and it was in my mailbox in less than 3 days with upgraded shipping. gun store is an exceptional company and has done nothing but impress me with their ability to restock inventory, fulfill orders and even make right of wrongs that weren’t in anyway their fault. Trust that gun store will have your back, even through the worst.

Aaron King

Bottom line is the return policy 

Bottom line is the return policy which is available online to the customer makes no mention of return shipping charges being the responsibility of the customer.

Bigger concern here though is the lack of senior management response as the multiple emails sent to the “president customer concerns” email box were answered every time by an associate on behalf of the president.

Bottom line is this policy is not transparent to the customer and the senior level leadership refuse to acknowledge this fact.

Michael Porter